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Kontenerowa instalacja tlenowa typu PSA dla Hosipital

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  • Opis projektu
Opis projektu

Containerized Type Fabryka tlenu PSA, Wygodniejszy sposób wytwarzania tlenu

Modular structure type/High efficiency Oxygen production/High integrated low temperature start technology/Concentration 93%±3%/Diverse Style and model


1. High integrated oxygen generating system

It includes air compressor, cold dryer, oxygen tank. Integrated all parts in one container. Space saving, multi function. Impact design.

2. Diversified choices

The system can be customized according to your requirement.

3.  High efficiency oxygen production

Modular technology, the purity can reach 93±3%,steady oxygen production

4. Shock-proof and shock-absorbing design

It’s suitable for long distance transportation for mobile use

oxygen plant option

1. Łatwy w obsłudze

2. Shock Resist

3. Reserved maintenance space

4. Oil free design

5. Fully automatically

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